• Are there any restrictions on where I can go on the scooter?

    The scooters are considered limited speed vehicles and reach a maximum speed of about 60km/hr, which means they are not permitted on highways. Scooters cannot be parked on sidewalks or pathways. Scooters are not intended for off road use and it is illegal to operate any form of motorized vehicle on any trail in Banff National Park including the Bow Valley.

  • Can you deliver the scooter to my hotel?

    No. We require the renter to be present at the time of rental to fill out a contract. We also require each renter to participate in a scooter orientation. Note: Banff Scooter Company is on the bus route, or for a small fee we offer pick up.

  • How old do I need to be to rent a scooter?

    In order to rent you need to be at least 18 years of age. If you are between the ages of 16 – 18 you can still rent but we require you have a legal parent or guardian present at the time of rental and provide a valid driver’s licence.

  • I am travelling from outside Canada do I need an International driving permit?

    It depends on which country you are from. In Canada, your licence needs to be in either English or French and be a Class 5 or equivalent. We require that you carry a valid licence from your country of origin that allows you to drive a vehicle without supervision. We recommend you check your local licensing offices before you travel to Canada to make sure.

  • Do You Require Assitance With Mobility?

    If so, be sure to inquire about our mobility scooter rentals during your next visit. Rentals are available on a daily or weekly basis. Be sure to book ahead online or call for availability during your stay in the Banff.

  • Is there somewhere to store my things on the scooter?

    Yes, all our scooters have locking, under seat storage which is about the size of a fully-filled grocery bag.

  • If I pre-book are there any refunds?

    Your Credit Card will not be processed until 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. In the event of a cancellation you must notify Banff Scooter Company 48 hours before your booking. There will be no refund after that time.

  • I have never ridden a scooter before, can I still rent?

    Due to safety concerns for yourself and others it is important that you feel comfortable doing so. If you can ride a bicycle then you should be able to learn and ride a scooter easily. The helpful and professional staff at Banff Scooter Company will be happy to show you how, and ensure you have full confidence before you get on the road!

  • What should I bring?

    The two most important things you will need to rent are a valid driver’s licence and a credit card. Outside of that a camera and a sense of adventure are always recommended!

  • What should I wear while on a scooter?

    We do not have any requirements on what you need to wear during a rental, although we do have some suggestions. We recommend that you wear jeans or shorts, closed toed shoes and remember to dress warm on cooler days. Bring a warm sweater or waterproof jacket just in case. Sunglasses are also recommended for glare and eye protection.

  • Do you offer discounts for groups?

    Please contact Banff Scooter Company in advance if you are planning a group event, so that we can decide how best to serve you.

  • Should I call to confirm appointment time?

    You should arrive a half hour before your slotted time. This will allow time for your scooter orientation. It is a good idea to call ahead to confirm your time slot.